The Truth About Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags are usually associated with a lack of sleep. Yet there’s more to eye bags than that.

The downward pull of gravity is a major factor in the appearance of under eye bags. With age, the muscles surrounding the eyes weaken with gravity. Due to this lack of support, the skin starts to sag. Additionally, fat deposits around the eyes shift out of the cushiony membrane surrounding them. The fat occupies newer spaces, eyelid surgerycreating changes in eye contour that make the person appear older. Puffiness is made more obvious with water retention, which is common during hormonal shifts in women and when consuming a diet high in salt.

The solutions

Lower eyelid surgery is an excellent solution for tightening and repositioning the eyelid muscles that have weakened with age. Fat used to be removed in eyelid surgeries but this often resulted in an unnatural hollow look. Now, fat is usually repositioned rather than removed.

For non-surgical options to improve the appearance of under eye fat, Dr. Tresley recommends facial fillers such as Restylane. After a filler injection, the hollows are softened and a more naturally youthful look is restored.

Other measures you can take to prevent under eye puffiness include avoiding lying flat in bed, limiting salty foods in your diet, getting enough sleep, and applying cool compresses to the eyes.

Dr. Tresley can help you figure out which cosmetic solutions are ideal for your under eye puffiness. Call 847.291.6900 to set up an appointment today.

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